Premiere: Cassidy Waring’s “Montreal” Will Make You Ache So Good

Cassidy Waring has unsubscribed from what the rapid forward pace of modern life has prescribed. Her music rejects any element of desperate escapism that mars much of our after-work entertainment. 

Listening to Waring’s ethereal voice is like running a velvet ribbon over your naked body—it unsheathes aching tingles of vulnerability, yet soothes in a rich, healing kind of way. Her third single, “Montreal,” is no departure from previous releases—slow, folksy ballads with thoughtful strings and themes that make the heart tear apart. 

Yet where her singles “Leaving” and “Nostalgia” end, “Montreal” begins with a clear narrative derived from Waring’s childhood memories, this time with an optimistic slant running tragically alongside lyrics about the weight that sits in her body from pains past. It’s an intimacy which teeters between personal and too close for comfort, and that seems to be the point. Waring sells pins on her website that read “Fuck small talk.”

The Vancouver-based artist shares her grief, but it never feels unsolicited. Her gentle voice is persuasive. Backed by a music video of home video footage of her family, “Montreal” is about rebirth through the acceptance of trauma. Relatable and moving, Waring does not try to turn our heads from the dark parts of life. Her music drifts into the unlit corner where, sometimes, we need to sit and be.