Premiere: Phoenix Laurén Rises From Her Own Ashes With Debut Single “Take It Slow”

The auspicious Phoenix Laurén found her voice at age three in church—the same way John Legend, Whitney Houston, and Katy Perry found theirs. 

Today, the Vancouver-based singer releases her debut single, “Take It Slow,” a breezy, R&B-hued ballad anchored by Laurén’s pretty voice moving like waves over diaphanous electro-tropical beats. Produced by the legendary Chin Injeti, “Take It Slow” is a promising glimpse into Laurén’s potential, a “rebirth,” she claims, as a performer. 

“Success” is amorphous; Laurén found her musical footing in Saskatchewan, performing with her band at the same jazz festival Lauryn Hill headlined at; she collaborated with electronic duo Humans on “Here for You” and has more than 20k followers on Instagram. But Laurén felt lost and frustrated as an artist.

After moving to Vancouver a few years ago, a fateful meeting with Injeti set her on a challenging trajectory towards a solo career. “I am someone who is extremely hard on myself, so self-criticism is my fuel but also my greatest downfall,” Laurén says. “Chin has pushed me past that, encouraged me to get out of my head.” 

With “Take It Slow,” Laurén appears to be harnessing a self-efficacy that is working. “I finally feel like I’m at a place of not letting myself get the best of me.”