Ancient Shapes Light Up on Cross-Canada Tour

credit Sebastian Buzzalino

January 9, 2020
Broken City

It was all over in 25 minutes. Daniel Romano’s Ancient Shapes roared on stage with “Separation Anxiety” and never even tried to slow down and let the audience catch their breath.

In front of a packed crowd at Calgary’s Broken City, on the first real, frigid day of the year, the power-pop/punk five-piece put on a show that proved, once again, that they’re one of the best bands in Canada.

The set was a relentless whirlwind of tour-tight punk that harkened back to the grainy, gritty glory days of CBGB and 70s NYC high-gutter style. Leather jackets flashed, microphone stands disintegrated and Daniel Romano commanded it all at the head of the stage, a consummate frontman who elevates sets into spectacles.

It’s hard to fully convey the transcendental nature of a Shapes set without seeing it for yourself, but everyone who was there was left wild-eyed and stunned with the force of their set.

Opening up the show, The Quivers laid out their own brand of brash, pummelling punk rock. Rebecca White is a fierce lioness fronting the trio, a truly magnetic force that’s impossible not to watch.

Kicking things off, The Ashley Hundred, clad in matching gold jackets, brought the warm grooves and vibes to Broken City’s stage, getting everyone in the cold venue warmed up and ready for magic.