The Corey Hotline Go Full Taylor Swift On “Dirtbag Beauty Queen”

credit Heather Saitz

Positivity is having a renaissance moment in garage rock circles everywhere. Rather than treading the usual tropes of disaffection and being too cool for school, bands are turning towards the light and embracing sunny, PMA vibes in their soaring hooks and catchy melodies.

Enter The Corey Hotline, Calgary’s self-described “eager to please” garage rock anti-heroes. Classic hooks shimmer over ebullient rhythms that bounce and bop along like and endless vacation. Led by eternal sunshine master, Mason Jenkins, the power-trio debut their latest single, “Dirtbag Beauty Queen,” which was written and recorded after winning “Best Performance” at the 2019 Ship & Anchor Songwriting Contest.

The track came to Jenkins after a relationship ended. “I was doing CPR on my heart and was drowning in hurt feelings” says Jenkins. “Looking back on this track, I went full Taylor Swift. I have since gathered and sorted through my feelings about the real Dirtbag Beauty Queen and all I have is love, respect and admiration for her. She is truly a queen…and a total dirtbag.”

The pet name, now immortalized on the punchy, two-minute track, lives on as an anthem for past flames everywhere that burned too bright for the time — and the fact that we’re all better for it. Listen to the premiere stream below!