GIMME RADIO Offers Touring Bands Guest Spots In Wake Of COVID-19

Dave Mustaine hosts The Dave Mustaine Show on Gimme Radio

With tour postponements leaving bands stranded in foreign countries because of COVID-19, free online heavy metal radio station GIMME RADIO is looking to weather the storm, allowing metal fans and musicians to keep their devil horns held high from the comfort of their own homes or jam spaces. 

Specializing in everything from heavy metal to extreme death metal and black metal, GIMME RADIO is extending an offer to any touring metal bands who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to host a radio show.

Band members are invited to create the show from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Bands can then connect and communicate with their fans in the live chat feed .

“This Coronavirus pandemic will pass, hopefully sooner than later, but everyone at Gimme believes that interactive shows built around a communities of fans are going to be a part of the music experience going forward,” says CEO and co-founder Tyler Lenane. “Our listeners love metal and come for the music, but they stay for community and the direct access to artists.”

Fans who were hoping to see these bands on the road before the tours and shows were canceled will now get to hear a different side of their beloved metal overlords while GIMME RADIO will also help bands sell merch, music, and even accept donations directly from their fans.

“Plus, where else can you hear Dave Mustaine talk to you about the first time he heard Judas Priest and then play his favourite track off of Screaming For Vengeance?” Lenane says. “Where else can you hear Dave Catching (of earthlings? and Eagles of Death Metal) talk about stealing Ace Frehley’s birthday cake or Johan Hegg talk about the first time he played Wacken? Those stories can only be heard on Gimme Radio.”

Lenane says they have received a ton of response so far and some of the bands who are currently confirmed to host include: German thrash metal band Sodom, Fresno, CA-based duo Haunt, and Oakland death metal punks Necrot.

For more information or to reach out about having your band host a show, visit