Endless Dream


Peter Bjorn and John celebrate their 20th anniversary with the release of their ninth studio album, Endless Dream. The trio strip things back to their pop dreamscape roots with a focus on bright, colourful beats and playful folk-tinged vocals — sorry, no whistling this time.

Every song is accentuated with funky grooves full of new wave and 80s pop influence, a turnaround from their previous moody album, Darker Days. 

Endless Dream suggests that we don’t take life too seriously and prescribes playfulness and Lagom (the Swedish art of balanced living), a hopeful ode to finding light in those darker days.

Opening track “Music” might tread on repetitive territory, but the songs that follow keep the dream alive. “Reasons To Be Reasonable” feels reminiscent of Depeche Mode and The Kinks, where “On The Brink” proves to be an anthem on moving forward and daring to dream with its marching tempo, rolling tom-toms, mandolin riffs, and affirming lyrics. 

Though Endless Dream offers nothing new, it may brighten your day, leaving you unaware of your tapping feet and sudden positive outlook on life.

Best Track: “On The Brink”