Songs For You

Tinashe Music Inc.

“All these songs are for you baby. You know who you are,” Tinashe whispers on the six-second “You.”

It’s a message to the loyal fans who have waited patiently for Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe to finally reclaim her own sound. After years of label interference and a solid album in 2018 where struggles over her sound were apparent, R&B songwriter Tinashe is finally back, completely independent with an album full of songs – for you. 

Right from the start, Tinashe makes it clear she has no ill will towards her past troubles on opening track, “Feelings.” “You’re still stuck in the past,” she teases. “I don’t get mad, I get bags.”

It’s a little bittersweet but exhilarating how free she finally sounds here, letting her voice explore different octaves over late night R&B beats and low-fi disco tracks. More experimental tracks like “Stormy Weather” and “Die A Little Bit” are standouts, and showcase how underrated her vocal and production prowess is. 

Songs For You cements Tinashe’s staying power, proving just how good an artist can be when they’re in complete control of their own sound.

“Would you fight for what you want?” She asks on “So Much Better.” “Would you sell your soul?” Tinashe knows what she wants, and she finally got it. 

Best Track: Stormy Weather