Texas Sun EP

Dead Oceans

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges’ collaborative Texas Sun EP marks the first time the exotic funk band has written with a vocalist. The collaboration finds the band’s colourful rhythm section masterfully crowned with Bridges’ bright and soulful melodies that transport the listener to the dry heat of the title track. Tasty basslines and perfectly pocketed drumming provide Khruangbin’s classic hypnotic effect, allowing listeners to float in and out for hours on end, catching a different fruitful lick with each listen.

A sense of déjà vu from this collaboration is owed to a joint North American tour where their paths converged for the first time. The EP is an ode to the “big sky country” of Texas. Although the artists ride in very different stylistic lanes, their origins embody a common musical vanguard. Speer and Johnson met at St. John’s United Methodist Church in Houston – more commonly referenced as the house of worship Beyoncé grew up singing in. Bridges, who discovered his sound listening to Texas blues, gospel and R&B, was a fitting detour from their instrumental norm. 

Although this creative side-trip confirms depth from the trio, Khruangbin fans still eagerly await a third album, showcasing unrestrained flamenco-style strums, bass-lead melodies, and dialled in drumming without accommodations.

Best Track: “Texas Sun”