Kiss My Super Bowl Ring


Punchy, loud, and delightfully disjointed, The Garden conveys the idle dissatisfaction of life in a clash of sounds on their fourth studio album, Kiss My Super Bowl Ring

While the music of brothers Wyatt and Fletcher Shears is influenced by electronic and punk tied together with a DIY spirit, The Garden never adheres to one narrow sound, but rather blends them into an upbeat concoction. It’s exactly what they’ve achieved with Kiss My Super Bowl Ring, all without canceling out the hazy ennui lurking in the lyrics.

The attitude the duo wants to convey is clear: being fed up, with oneself, with others, but mainly with corrupt institutions and their injustices. What remains is the feeling of powerlessness and boredom with existence. This is most prominent on the bombastic “Sneaky Devil”.

Minimalistic and tinkering instruments abruptly switch to overblown percussion and screaming vocals on tracks like “Clench To Stay Awake” and “A Struggle”. Even dreamy elements make appearances, such as a floaty harp on “Hit Eject” and watery guitars on “Lurkin’” featuring Khalif Jones.
Kiss My Super Bowl Ring wastes no time catapulting listeners into its chaotic and vibrant world. Frustration and boredom have never sounded so enlivening. 

Best Track: Sneaky Devil